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Forget to check the Weather Forecast ? You and your pampered pooch need never get caught out with your personalised Binky and Mills Umbrella.

Individually Personalise each panel with your dog breed silhouette and your pets name or names 

Every Step of the manufacturing process is carried out in the UK

Guaranteed for 3 Years 

Available in 2 Sizes 

Choice of 4 Colorways

Black or Natural Crook Handle

Wind resistant canopy

8 edge to edge printable panels

2 style options

All designs are printed onto Linden Waterproof Fabric 

Umbrella Sizes

City Auto: 89 cm with a 102 cm full canopy

Golf: 98 cm with a 136 cm full canopy

Every order is handmade by expert artisans. The large canopy has 8 printable panels, each of which can be individually designed, making your custom umbrella one of a kind. Your designs are printed onto Linden waterproof fabric, which is renowned for its superior print quality and its water resilient nature. Lightweight yet tough, it makes the perfect canopy. The metal frame of your umbrella has been made with supreme skill, and the sleek opening and collapse mechanisms are strong and sturdy, making them ideal for wet and windy weather. Each panel is individually printed using our specialist digital process, before it is hand cut and stitched together. We finish the spokes of the frame with black or silver nickel tips. These not only add a classy finishing touch, but they also protect from the sharp edges.

Care Instructions

To clean your umbrella, simply brush off hardened dirt, or shake it off when wet. As the canopy is made from a water-repellent fabric, it is self-cleaning. The non-aluminium sections off the umbrella is non-corrosive, so you don't have to worry about them rusting over time.